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Collaborative Law

Divorce is painful, messy, ugly and can be expensive. Financially and emotionally, divorce can send painful ripples through the fabric of your life for years to come. While the traditional approach to ending a marriage usually involves courtroom drama and a legal chess match involving opposing attorneys, there is another option for you to consider –  an option that involves no court hearings and is solution-oriented. It’s called the Collaborative Divorce and it puts power back into the hands of the divorcing couple.

The Collaborative Divorce Process is different because it enables the couple to create their own customized divorce focusing on protecting their family and preserving their resources and assets through solution-oriented interest-based negotiations. There are NO court hearings, it is less stressful, and the final outcome is better for the couple , their family and their estate.

Collaborative Divorce is a process in which the parties and their counsel agree in writing to make a good faith attempt to reach a mutually-agreeable settlement without court intervention . The best way to describe the Collaborative Divorce Process is to envision a series of mediations or meetings with your spouse and the attorneys, mental health professionals, and financial experts to discuss the financial division of the estate and the custody and visitation of the children.

The Collaborative Divorce is ideal for couples who ultimately want terminate their marriage in private and non-invasive manner by working together to reach a final resolution. Collaborative Divorce allows the parties to control the outcome of their divorce by allowing them to resolve their family law issues without the necessity of a judge or jury. This process will not require the parties to attend court hearings or deal with the stress of divorce contentious litigation.

Research has found that couples that use the Collaborative Divorce Process will less likely appear in court litigating ancillary matters post divorce. This process may be used in custody litigation as well. The Davis Law Firm is ready to assist you in the Collaborative Divorce Process.

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