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Family Law

Family law is an area of the law that deals primarily with domestic relations situations that concern the family. This would include, but is not limited to:

Divorce, Alimony
Marriage, Civil Unions & Domestic Partnerships
Adoption, Custody
Child Protection
Juvenile Law

While we can assist you with any Family Law legal issue, most of our cases center around Divorce and Custody issues.


It has been said many times that a divorce is synonymous to a death. Divorce causes a roller coaster of emotions, complete separation of family and friends and the termination of a familiar relationship. It is the complete destruction of dream shared by two parties once upon a time. The Davis Law Firm is completely prepared to help you maneuver through the divorce process. Our attorneys are competent, proven and ready to provide legal advice on the division of property, spousal maintenence, custody, visitation, and child support pursuant to the Texas Family Code. Our attorneys stand prepared to familiarize you with the entire divorce process starting the filing of the initial petition, temporary orders, mediation requirements, and final trial. The Davis Law Firm has tried hundreds of cases before Texas judges. We are ready to help you strategically prepared for the best result possible in the most cost efficient way.


We live in a society that has bred two parent homes for many children. The Davis Law Firm is ready to assist you in turbulent and volatile custody matters. We pride ourselves in the ability to open the eyes of our client to conduct himself/herself in a manner that is best for the child. Pursuant to the laws of Texas, each parent has legal rights to their child. Such rights include the right to visit and see the child, make certain decisions for the child, the right receive notices regarding the well-being of a child and the right to support the child. These rights are not contingent on the payment of child support and should not be bartered for visitation with the child. The Davis Law Firm is confident and ready to assist you in custody matter.

Shelly Davis-Smith is an experienced Houston Family Law Attorney and can assist with your family law case. Your initial case evaluation is complimentary.

Shelly helped me through my divorce. She helped me get more than I could have ever imagined.

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Shelly made me feel so comfortable about my entire divorce process. She took the time to explain each step and provided the guidance I needed to complete my divorce.

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